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The place to discover queer and allied products, services, and nonprofits. Search local, explore a curated marketplace, and meet your tribe.


Proudly.Market features curated products and services, so you don’t have to sift through junk to find the perfect match.


Internet commerce, with the human element. Proudly.Market highlights real people with real stories.


These professionals want to bake your cake. Feel good about where your money is going.


To find local products, professionals who welcome you, and nonprofits working to make your neighborhood better.

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Product Vendors

Product Vendors

Do you have a handmade uniquely-you product that you would like to share with the world? Partner with us to find homes for your amazing creations.


Whether you are already selling or new to ecommerce, Proudly.Market supports every stage of your business journey.


Proudly.Market understands that your products are an expression of you, so we help promote your entire self with engaging profiles.


Never be fearful of being who you are. Proudly.Market is committed to ensuring a safe environment for everyone.


By prioritizing local search, Proudly.Market builds community by helping people nearby find you first.

Subscription Plans

Introductory pricing- free subscriptions through 2023! We'll get your business in front of local customers to help you grow & shine

For Product Vendors

$0 /year*
*+14% commission
Free subscription through 2023!
Get started selling online
Grow and learn with robust support
Select Starting plan
$0 /year*
*+10% commission
Reach customers nationwide- free subscription for 2023
For growing brands looking to expand
Lower commission to reward your impact
Select Building plan
$0 /year*
*+6% commission
Add another channel for free subscription through 2023
Lowest available commission for highest volume
Sell in a curated space without foreign competition
Select Scaling plan

Service Providers

Are you the best at what you do? Would you like to provide your services to members of your local gay community? Advertise with Proudly.Market and show us what you got!


An extremely easy sign up process with set pricing, no overages or additional costs- no matter how many leads are generated.


A unique feature of Proudly.Market - the personal profile built by you. The compelling way to introduce yourself to clients.


Signing up with Proudly.Market tells the community that you are open for business and would never discriminate.


Proudly.Market guides neighbors to finding the services they need. Be available to someone needing a queer professional.

Service Providers

For Service Providers

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$0 /year*
Join Proudly.Market: Where Your Business Shines and Diversity Thrives!
Grow your client base free through 2023!
Introduce yourself with a unique profile
Serve the local queer community
Select Marketing plan
Non Profits

Non Profit Organizations

Desire to share your mission and services to the communities you serve? Spark engagement on Proudly.Market.


We at Proudly.Market want to celebrate you and your mission. We have an easy sign up process that will grow awareness in the local community.


Proudly.Market wants to help amplify your message while adding a personal touch, attracting potential donors to your humanity.


Let your non-profit organization become a symbol of inclusivity and contribute to a more equal world. Join Proudly.Market today and help us create a positive impact together. With your support, we can foster a truly inclusive future for all.


Visitors exploring local will learn about your mission while they shop for products and services. Your impact is visible throughout our platform.

Non Profits

Are you a nonprofit? Begin your journey with us.

Seller FAQ

How do I start selling?

First you set up your profile on Proudly.Market, which shouldn’t take but 30 minutes. Then we will make sure everything looks good, and you’ll connect with an onboarding specialist to onboard onto Mirakl, our seller management software. That is where you’ll upload your products and configure your store with our help. Once everyone feels comfortable, then it’s time to make money!

When is my first payment?

We are offering introductory pricing to grow our network- free through 2023, or longer for nonprofits. We want to show your talent to the world- join us on this journey and grow!

I have an existing e-commerce website, can I keep that and still sell on here?

Yes- we support your business if you are a partner- period. When onboarding into Mirakl, your product specialist will help you create a Mirakl connect account. After mapping your categories to ours, and the integration should be set up, so orders from Proudly show up in the same place you are used to.

Can I edit my profile later?

Of course! Once you finish onboarding, you will be able to tinker with your photos and content within your account. If you’re having trouble, let your Brand Ambassador know.

Can you help me with photos?

Yes- we know good photos take planning. See this article for appropriate sizes and recommendations for profile photos.

If I have a problem, who can I call?

We intentionally give you a contact for your entire relationship with Proudly.Market- your Brand Ambassador. If you haven’t met them in the field, you’ll be assigned one during onboarding. This person carves out time every week to answer questions from our partners, big or small, so you have a human available if needed.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page or Contact Us.
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