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Our founder, Art Anderson, wanted to sell his own sassy t-shirts at gay events around the country. How fun, right? But it seemed like every other vendor was already selling their own, and honestly they were probably better than what Art had in mind. Plus, the prices were ridiculously low- how do you win with that market?


The outlook was grim, but Art talked to each of the vendors one-by-one, trying to understand their business needs. By the end, he drew a resounding conclusion: “These vendors don't need more competition, they need a safe place to reach their market and sell their products at the right price.”


Fast forward to 2020 when the world was hit by the pandemic, and we all went into lockdown. Like many other marginalized groups, the LGBTQ+ community faced significant challenges to keep their lights on, and the need for other revenue streams was crucial. Moreover, the political climate grew hostile over time, and some businesses were emboldened to openly discriminate against us.

The community needed a home for their commerce, but our platform wasn't ready yet.


Art knew the potential of a marketplace to be more than just a website to buy stuff. He wanted to create a safe haven where LGBTQ+ or allied service providers could connect to clients. You know, a place where you could find someone who wanted to bake your cake or design your website.

And what if, in the same place you shop and hire a professional, you could find local resources available for you. So we made sure to let nonprofits have a place to shine as well. 


This ambitious idea needed a foundation in strong technology- Art would not ask people to invest their precious time, money, or resources to join a marketplace that could eventually crash. So he asked his partner, Ricky Corazza, if he could help. And Ricky agreed out of love for Art, wanting his dream come true. 


The last few years the two founders have cut through the layers of building an e-commerce business, so that their partners wouldn't have to fight the same battles just to get started.


Ultimately, Art and Ricky built Proudly.Market to fight doubt- doubt that our people have what it takes to build a business, doubt that they can be successful and express their true selves, and doubt that people really care to help.


Here at Proudly.Market, we are replacing that doubt with Hell Yeah!


So join us, where we’re all about empowering our community, showing off wicked products, supporting inclusive service providers, and connecting folks with life-changing resources.


Because the treasure isn't at the end of some rainbow- it's in the connections we make along the way.

Putting a face to business

Bringing faces to the front of profiles, we are making business personal again. We are a safe platform to invest your brand and time on- with clear pricing and real people available to help- we are committed to seeing you succeed. 


Product Vendors

Get ready to discover some seriously cool stuff! Our marketplace is packed with unique and curated goods, crafted with love by talented LGBTQ+ community members and their awesome allies. And guess what? Every time you make a purchase, you’re not just getting something awesome, you’re actively supporting and uplifting the community.


Service Providers

We’ve got your back with service providers who are all about inclusivity and acceptance. No matter who you are or who you love, you can engage with these businesses with full confidence. They’re committed to serving everyone equally and creating a super safe and inclusive environment. So go ahead, get the services you need without any worries!



There are so many resources out there to support the Gay community, but sometimes they go unnoticed. That’s why we’re here to bridge the gap! Our dedicated space is all about listing local non-profit agencies and organizations that are ready to help. You can easily connect with them and get the support you deserve. Together, we’re building a stronger and healthier community for all. Yaaas!



At Proudly.Market, we’re all in this together. That’s why we consider every single member of our community as partners. We’re talking about that special kind of partnership where we’re interdependent and collaborate to make things happen. Our vision is all about holistic health, wealth, safety, and happiness for each and every one of you. So join us on this amazing journey, because your active participation is what makes it all happen. Let’s do this, partner!


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The Rainbow Never Ends

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