Stand Out & Wow!

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Follow these steps to make a splash:

  • Captivating Background: Select an image that shouts "You!" Showcase your business in action and align with your brand's personality. Stand out with originality!
  • Colorful Consistency: Match your theme like a harmony of colors. Consistency builds trust – stick to a stylish vibe that works for your business.
  • Snappy Tagline: Make 'em giggle or go "Wow!" Keep it short, catchy, and crystal-clear. They'll crave more and rush to your site!
  • Emotion-Packed Intro: Open up and show your passion. Speak from the heart – people love authenticity! Hint at more on your website or in person for eager explorers.
  • Call-to-Action Craze: Pump up the excitement! Engage the crowd with an irresistible CTA. Get 'em thrilled to visit your website or your business and join the party!
  • Brand Vibes All the Way: Stay true to your brand! Consistency is the compass leading them to your website, where the real adventure awaits!

That is the framework - Now, let's get down to the details.

  • Your Profile Photo: Show off that radiant smile! A square photo with 125 by 125 pixels and 100 dpi is your ticket to fabulousness. Let's see that beautiful face!
  • Card Background Photo: Decorate like a pro! Your background should be the perfect sidekick to your profile pic, showcasing your business's vibe, style, and superpowers!
  • Your Profession: Insert your Business Name here! 
  • Tagline: Time to get creative! A fun and snappy tagline will make your biz stand out like a unicorn in a field of horses. Show 'em what makes you special! If it's longer than 60 characters, let's create a catchy tagline that packs a punch.


  • Banner Photo: Go big and bold! Your banner photo is your chance to shine, whether you're showing off your skills or giving a thumbs-up with that dazzling smile!
  • Your Logo: Let's get artsy! Upload your cool logo or get playful with your initials or awesome clip art. It's all about that eye-catching square shape!
  • Service Category: What's your jam? Pick from the drop-down menu the category that perfectly fits your biz.



  • Describe your life and business: Time to spill the tea! Share your journey, your passion, and why you're pumped to be on Proudly.Market. Let customers feel the love!
  • Keywords: Unlock the magic! These keywords are your secret sauce to help people find you. Sprinkle them like fairy dust!
  • Link to your social media: Stay connected! Share your social media handles, and let's get the party started!
  • About Me: Showtime, baby! Got some cool videos of you doing your thing? Share 'em here! Keep it under 20MB and dazzle the crowd!
  • Preview and Submit: Drumroll, please! Check your creation, give it a wink, and hit submit! Our Proudly.Market team will work their magic, and voilà, you're ready to shine!
  • Photo Size Guide: Peep the recommendations page for the whole rundown on image resolution.

Get ready to rock Proudly.Market like a superstar! We can't wait to see your biz take flight and spread joy to the world. It's your time to sparkle!

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