Proudly.Market Product Vendors Pricing

At Proudly.Market, we take pride in not only the exquisite handcrafted and homemade products but also the talented artisans and salespeople behind them! We understand that behind each item being sold is a passionate creator who infuses their heart and soul into every creation.

Honoring the Artisans:

  • We cherish your artistic spirit and are dedicated to showcasing the magic you create with your hands. Proudly.Market is a platform where your craftsmanship is celebrated and cherished.

Transparent Pricing:

  • Our commitment to transparency means there are no listing or transaction fees. With variable and flexible pricing options, you can select the plan that aligns with your business goals while keeping your profits intact.

 Connecting with the LGBTQ+ Community:

  • Proudly.Market is not just a marketplace; it's a vibrant and inclusive community. As an artisan, your creations will find a home among individuals who embrace diversity, creativity, and uniqueness.

A Space of Acceptance:

  • We believe in the power of inclusion. By joining Proudly.Market, you contribute to a safe and welcoming space where LGBTQ+ community members and allies can discover your artistry without fear of discrimination.

Building Meaningful Relationships:

  • At Proudly.Market, we foster connections that go beyond transactions. You'll have the opportunity to engage with customers who genuinely appreciate the story and effort behind your creations.

Join the artistic movement and Partner with Proudly and become an integral part of Proudly.Market's diverse and inclusive family! 

The Rainbow Never Ends

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